Strategic BEE planning takes time and cannot occur overnight. The implementation and execution of a BEE strategy aligned with the organisation’s strategy should ultimately result in rewards reaped not only on your BEE scorecard, but also on your bottom line.

Resionex provides clients with more than just a strategy. We review our clients’ vision, determine their goals, conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and assist in the provision and execution of a strategy with the required actions assigned to responsible parties.

We analyse the forces which have both a direct and indirect impact on our clients’ operations, i.e. economic environment, social environment, political environment, technology, market and industry. By conducting a strategic diagnosis to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, Resionex assembles all conditions and scenarios to present our clients with the most favourable solutions and most rewarding return on investment.

Resionex is not merely a BEE Consulting firm. We are your B-BBEE partner of choice, your one-stop B-BBEE shop.

In need of B-BBEE advice, strategic planning, file compilation, training or staff, Resionex will provide you with all the above whilst delivering personal service to all our clients.

You are our most valuable asset and we will never compromise on our service!


Resionex: Excellence. Passion. Results.


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